New Year, New Christmas, New Mood

Last year at this time wasn’t fun. I was heading in to my first Christmas single since I was in High School, and Teagan wasn’t going to be home. I had no interest in Christmas last year. I remember talking to my Mom about it and she asked if I even wanted to come over for dinner, I said of course I do even though I really didn’t. I figured it would be better than moping at home. I did enjoy myself, I always do with my family. My parents are amazing, and my brother and I seemingly get along better each year as we get older.

This year I feel completely different. I’ve done a lot of soul searching in the last 12 months, made some new friends, and had a fairly good 2016 compared to the last couple years. It took a lot, started out in a pretty bad mood, and am still fighting overthinking my life and where I’m going with it. I still have time to figure all of that out though, I’m in a fairly good place. We moved at the beginning of summer, which was a big change. Both of us wanted to leave where we were. Now we live with good friends, and it’s been pretty awesome since the start.

I still am looking forward to 2016 to be over, which seems to be my general feeling the last two years. But this time is a little different, I’m looking forward to 2017 and I feel like it will be a good year. Hopefully a turning point for me personally. In the mean time I will definitely be enjoying Christmas this year. Teagan will be home which is a world of difference, and anything bothering me about being single on a major holiday is gone. Sure, I’d rather have a special someone to share it with, but if I just went with whoever it wouldn’t be as special as finding that person.

A lot of the stuff that gets to me hasn’t really changed, but the way I look at it has. Like I said, I’m looking forward to next year, but this year I will be able to enjoy the time up until then. I’m not counting down the time until the calendar flips like I was last year. Enjoy what you have, and try not to stress about what you can’t control. If you can’t fix something quickly, don’t let it drown you. It effects every part of your life, it’s almost impossible to separate it from the rest.

Happy December everyone, enjoy the rest of your year! I plan on posting more, but I say that every time. One day it will happen!