You’re strong enough to get through this

I have a friend who is going through a lot. Far more than I am, and I feel like I’M going through a lot. It’s crazy really. It’s crazy that she can keep her head up, keep on moving forward and still find things to enjoy about how her life is. There are lots for sure, it’s just so easy to get caught up in the negative. Ever since I met her last summer she’s been going through one thing or another, and how positive she can stay constantly blows me away. She has her moments for sure, where things really get to her. Generally we talk on the phone, or in person, or go on a 3 am drive for ice cream (true story). But for the most part she gets through it all herself.

She’s by far one of the strongest individuals I have ever met. I’m proud of her, and proud to be friends with her. It seems like one thing after another, and she’s still there for anyone who needs her. She’s still an amazing mother to a great little girl that I have recently had the opportunity to meet and get to know more. I’m glad we’ve had the chance to get to know each other better. I feel like I’ve learned more about you in the last 2 months than when I was first getting to know you. Dance has been a completely new and fun opportunity, but I think my favourite part is seeing you smile and forget everything for 2 hours. You smile more dancing than I have seen anyone smile over anything. It’s crazy. It makes me want to go even if I’ve had a bad day and only really feel like going home and forgetting about it. You don’t even know it, but just things like that help me!

Of all the people I’ve met that I just wish I could solve everything for, she stands out head and shoulders above. I spend almost as much time thinking about what she’s going through as I do my own problems. I can’t help it. She’s an amazing person and deserves to have things start going her way. I think they will, they have to. Soon I hope. Nobody would deserve it more. Until that happens I’ll do what I can to help, whether it’s 2 am phone calls, driving all night. I’d do anything for her, and I hope she knows that. I suppose she will after I post this either way. But I am, and I will be here no matter what.

You’ll get through everything, I’ll be here as much (or as little) as you want me to be. I won’t be going anywhere.